Friday, October 21, 2016

10.21.16 :: Surgery Updates

UPDATE 10/22/2016 @ 0630 : Sammy has been weaned from oxygen. He is responsive to a degree, but not fully awake. He has not talked yet either. We will be in PICU for the next few day, basically until they remove the tube draining fluid from the back of his head. We don't know much beyond that, but told to prepare for a month long stay at the hospital. Nothing will be done for the cancer until he has fully recovered from the surgery. Right now our focus will be on day to day recovery from his surgery. PRAY that his MRI goes well today and that they see what they want to see. PRAY Sam grows to be more and more responsive with no residual problems from possible damage during the surgery. We were told a laundry list of things that could be umpacted, from speech to motor functions. PRAY for his continued stability. PRAY for us as we transition Logan back into our home and care and that we can balance support for him during this long road ahead. PRAY for Charles' parents as they travel here today. PRAY for continued peace and calm to surround our family and Sammy.
UPDATE 10/21/2016 @ 2000 : We are with Sam. We got to come back about an hour ago. He is still out, but is now off sedative. So just waiting for now. The rest of night will be checks by PICU nurses every hour. For now we wait. PRAY for this new transition for Sammy as he copes with all these changes. PRAY for us as his parents that we know how to best support him as he takes in all that has happened. PRAY he has a good night sleep and is able to remain in a peaceful, calm state. PRAY that over the next 24 hour we see all his functions return to normal, with no lasting nerve damage. There is a high risk of regression in multiple areas. PRAY for us all to sleep easy and get refreshed after a very draining 48+ hours. PRAY for Logan (our 18 month old) as we hopefully will begin to transition care of him. We are so thankful for our friend who has been able to keep him as apart of their family for these last 48 hours and into tomorrow.
UPDATE 10/21/2016 @ 1735 : Out of surgery. We have not seen him yet. We spoke with neurosurgeon and anesthesiologist. Surgery went as great as we could hope for. He did loose significant blood and needed a transfusion. They were not able remove it all, but feel that future treatments will address anything left. There is no definitive diagnosis yet, and we will hopefully know more by Tuesday. We are waiting for okay to see him. He will spend a couple days at least in the PICU. PRAY for healing. Pray for a spirit of calm as Sam becomes more aware of all that has happened. PRAY that no issues arise during this immediate recovery period. PRAY we all are able to rest and continue to keep a spirit of calm and peace. PRAY the MRI in the coming day shows what they want to see. PRAY we are able to find direction for our next step.
UPDATE 10/21/2016 @ 1545 : They are beginning to close Sammy up. He is still super stable. Expect another hour or so till surgery is complete. He will be in PICU for at least tonight. PRAY surgeons continue to stay focused and alert as they wrap up his surgery. PRAY they were able to remove everything needed for a healthy recovery. PRAY Sammy continues to stay stable. PRAY for our continued calm and peace.
UPDATE 10/21/2016 @ 1435 : Sammy's doing great, super stable. Still working on removing tumor. PRAY for continued steadiness of those who touch Sam. For them to stay focused and energized. PRAY that they are able to minimize any damage to surround areas and the nerves in that area. PRAY for a clear diagnosis. PRAY for our own calm and peace. PRAY they are able to remove all the tumor necessary for healing.
UPDATE 10/21/2016 @ 1230 : Surgery is going well. They are at the tumor and beginning removal. Sam is stable and has not required and blood at this point. PRAY for steady hands as removing the tumor. PRAY for minimal impact on nerves surrounding the tumor. PRAY that there is no issues with his spinal column. PRAY for a clear, swift diagnosis. PRAY for continued stability for Sam, for his vital organs to maintain stability.
UPDATE 10/21/2016 @ 1135 : Surgery is under way. They are almost to the tumor site, and will then begin removal of the tumor. Sam is stable and doing great. PRAY for clear view of tumor and no complications in accessing tumor. PRAY for continued steady hands of all those who touch Sam. PRAY for minimal blood loss, as to avoid the need for a blood transfusion. PRAY for quick exchange with pathology in passing off sample of tumor. PRAY for clear diagnosis of the type of tumor. PRAY for continued calm spirits for ourselves and our family.
UPDATE 10/21/2016 @ 1025 : First call. He is now in surgery. Nurse said he is doing great and pre-procedure went great. PRAY for Sammy's vital organs. He is on a breathing tube, which could cause heart failure. PRAY for these first incisions. They will be doing a craniotomy to access the tumor. Also doing small hole in back of head to reduce pressure and drain spinal fluid that has built up. PRAY for steady hands of all those touching Sam. PRAY for us to have a spirit of calm as we wait for our next update in about an hour.
UPDATE 10/21/16 @ 0800 : We just left Sam as he is being rolled back. PRAY he takes well to the meds being given to keep him calm. PRAY for the anesthesiologist as the prep Sam to be put under and begin to hook him up to all the various lines. PRAY for the surgeons as the begin to prep him for surgery. Our next update will come once they start the surgery, which may be upwards of 2 hours from now.
ORGINAL POST 10/20/2016 @ 1900 : As of right now Samuel will be going in for surgery at 0800 PST tomorrow. They are thinking it is a cancerous tumor. Just not sure what specifically it is. Between 2 types basically. The neurosurgeon has blocked out 12 hours for his surgery, but we don't know specifically how long it will be. And how they remove tumor may change based on what pathology determines the type to be.
Pray we all rest well tonight, especially for the surgically team.
I will try to update with specific prayer needs as we tackle the day tomorrow. Just have to trust God has a plan already there.

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