Sunday, October 23, 2016


This morning was amazing. We got a little peek at OUR Sammy again. He seemed to be with it a bit more and started to make some voluntary movements. Lifting up his arms and moving his legs, sticking out his tongue, and even lifting his bottom off the bed. He was pretty out of it still today. Most of the movements were in his sleep, as he spent most of the day asleep. But rest is one of the things he needs to fully heal. He thankfully has not had any more seizures. So very stable today, with minimal issues. Tomorrow they are going to talk nutrition, since he has not had food since Wednesday afternoon in all truth. As he slept during his ONLY time he was allowed to eat since arriving, which was on Thursday evening. Still our main focus is just on his recovery from the surgery and getting all his functions back.

PRAY that Sammy has an awesome night sleep and wakes up ready to wow us all. PRAY he continues to make steps forward in his recovery, so he can get out of the PICU. PRAY that we continue to be able to balance being parents to both our children and give them each the time they each need and deserve. PRAY we all stay healthy as the stress of the last 5 days weight on each of us. PRAY for the staff supporting our family and that they have a clear direction to go with our son with his care and treatment. PRAY for our continued calm and peace. PRAY we all stay focused on the here and now, and do not allow our minds to wonder into the months ahead and land of “what ifs”. PRAY all those who surround Sammy are able to encourage his healing in the best ways possible.

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