Saturday, October 22, 2016


Today was mainly about just Sammy recovering from his surgery. It was a bit stressful as he never really became fully responsive today and is still quite out of it. He did take a few seizures today on top of everything else, so they started him on an anti-seizure medication. He took a much longer one tonight and gave him a bit of a different one to end it. It was not a bad one just twitching for almost 5 minutes.

We did receive great news following his MRI today. The neurosurgeon was very happy with what he saw and could not be happier with the scan. There is one possible area where tumor is left, but does not appear that the spinal cord is impacted. They will do another one in a couple weeks to continue to monitor the progress.

The new few days are going to be all about recovery and getting released from the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). They really want to see him come out of his fog and also want the drainage from his brain to be stabilized.

We now have some more back up. Charles’ parents also arrived tonight. Which will be nice to have in addition to my mom being here as well. We got to spend some time with Logan tonight and he is staying with the grandparents tonight. It was nice to have our family whole tonight.

PRAYERS : Pray for continued stability for Sammy. Pray that the seizures are controlled and that he does not take anymore. Pray that Sammy begins to become more aware and starts talking and continues to show improvement. Pray for his healing and swelling to go down. Pray we are able to manage being there for both our children during this time. Pray Logan feels our love despite the focus on Sam right now. Pray for our continued peace and calm.

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