Monday, October 24, 2016


Today was a rough day. It was not bad. Just hard. Sammy has spent most of the day in pain, especially as he becomes more awake. His condition is mostly unchanged. We tried to see about starting him on oral feedings, but he is not responding to swallowing properly. We will try again tomorrow with the feeding therapist. So for the time being he has a nasal feeding tube. We are hoping that him getting some nutrition will help him get stronger and make some more strides in his recovery. They are concerned about seizures still so they have upped the seizure medication and are keeping him hooked with an EGG for the night to monitor him. They are not really sure why he is having seizures, but definitely not uncommon. Just not a normal for where the surgery for him occurred. We are waiting to hear from oncology about the pathology results to determine his actual diagnosis. They might come back tomorrow, but by end of week if not. So just lots of waiting for now. Lots of praying and supporting our little guy any way we can. We are reading to him lots, as that is one of the only things we can really do with him right now. Hoping tomorrow is a better day for us all and that he makes some more strides forward.

Pray for his healing, that is is made whole again. Pray for his pain, that he can tolerate it with ease. Pray that he can urinate on his own, as he has had difficulty since the catheter was removed. Pray that the seizures are regulated and that they are not impacting his functioning. Pray he continued to gain back functions, that me is able to make more movements of purpose. Pray that we get to see our Sammy again, and not just a shell of who he was. We want to see him shine again and shine bright. Pray he is surrounded by comfort. Pray for us as we navigate this road unknown and that we can continue to keep a calm and peace around us.

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