Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Just another day in our hurry up and wait cycle we are currently in. He had a good day overall, not too much change in his condition. It was definitely a busy day for our little man. We had visits from Speech/Feeding and PT. He got to do some licks from a lollipop today and seem enjoy it. Still having some trouble swallowing. The physical therapist was able to move Sammy to sit up and him at the edge of the bed for a little bit. Which really seemed to do well with and enjoyed. His levels seemed to do better with the change of position. They are hoping to get him out of bed in the coming days, which would be wonderful.
Sammy did spike a fever during the day, which is a bit of a concern for possible infection. They drew fluid off the brain vent, urine and blood to send for testing to make sure not infection. So we have to wait 48 hours for the results from that. In the meantime they are giving him some extra medications to help with the risk of infection.
He did have some issues with the pressure in his brain and with the vent. He was having some leaking from the vent site, so the neurosurgeon had to add a stitch to help give a better seal. They also lowered the pressure level to help with the leaking. They are hoping to raise it back up over the next few days and eventually wean him off the vent. For Sammy to be moved out of the PICU he has to have the vent removed. So that is what we are working towards.
PRAY for continued healing for Sammy. PRAY that as he becomes more aware we are able to keep him calm and help him understand all that is going on around him. PRAY we are able to keep our focus straight and not get caught in the land of “what ifs”. PRAY that Logan continues to heal and get healthy, so he can spend time visiting with Sammy as well. PRAY for a continued spirit of calm and peace during his recovery.

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