Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Sammy was much more alert today, awake more of the day and seems to be more aware. He kept the EEG on all day and overnight again to continue to monitor for seizure behavior. It appears that he has had a couple of minor seizures that have lasted a few seconds. So they are keeping him on some seizure medication. Sammy had another MRI today, it was a shorter one that gives more general look than a really detailed look. They found that the brain is retaining fluid and there is a small build up. We have not learned what they will be doing for that situation just yet. They tried change the level of drainage from his brain to increase the pressure, but he could not handle the extra pressure, so they changed it back down. Sammy has been having some increased heart rate activity, so they are trying to find the source for the spiking and higher resting level.

We also had visits from PT, OT and Speech/feeding during the day. Feeding therapy went well. He had his first ever taste of soda, Sprite. He seemed to like it and worked well with trying to swallow it. She is also working on him with ice chips to get him swallowing. OT and PT will be doing more in the coming days as they remove the EEG from him and he is able to leave the bed. PT came back a second time yesterday and got approval to sit him up as long as stayed in view of the EEG camera. So Sammy got to sit up, supported, in bed for a little bit yesterday. He seemed to respond really well to the change in positioning.

We did also see Sammy make some intentional responses, such as a slight head movement for “no”. All baby steps, but going in the right direction. He has had decreased movements/responses from most limbs. His most active limb is his left leg. And his left arm is the least active/responsive. They believe what we are seeing is called Mutism. Which can occur in about 25% of surgeries like Sammy’s. We would see a decrease in speech, and also in motor response. They really do not know much about it, other than it is a rarely permanent. But his responses are likely falling into this category.

We still do not have any results back from pathology, we are hoping to hear Wednesday or Thursday. This will give us a better look at what our adventure might be for the long term. But for now our focus stays on the here and now. Helping Sammy recover enough to move out of the ICU and back onto the floor above.

PRAY that Sammy continues to improve in his recovery. PRAY for any anxiety he may be feeling as he becomes more aware of his surroundings and situation. PRAY his body is able to continue to rest and heal. PRAY for each of the staff that come in contact with him, that they have clarity and peace for their treatments and therapies. PRAY for us as we all grown more anxious about a diagnosis and hearing back from pathology. PRAY we are able to keep a spirit of calm and peace as we surround Sammy. PRAY that he feels God’s hand of healing and protection. PRAY for Logan to recovery quickly from the virus he has, and that all those who come in contact with him stay healthy.

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