Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Go Gold Book Drive

Welcome to 2020. The year of perfect vision. If only that were true on all fronts. But I want to share my vision for 2020 with you. And hope you will join our family in our 2020 Go Gold Book Drive.

Every day of 2020, I will be sharing 1 book. And will be adding it to our 2020 Vision Book Wish List, with the request for 6 copies. I will add both the English and Spanish translations of the book, if possible. 366 different children’s books to be collected for children fighting cancer in Arizona. Each book a new adventure just waiting to be opened and explored. I am excited to share so many books with you this year. And hope you will follow along.

On some very special days of 2020. I will share books recommended by special children/families. This year I envision supporting other families. I want to share about families and children who are overcoming the hardest medical diagnoses. Children who are now thriving despite all they have endured. I want to share the memory of children who fought valiantly, but no longer by our sides. I want to share their lives with you, through the love of books.

I look forward to taking you on this book journey in 2020. And excited to share about other book drives we will be hosting this year too! Follow along with our adventure in books on both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Group : Go Gold Book Drive Instagram : gogoldbookdrive Amazon Wish List : 366 Days of Books Amazon Wish List : Go Gold Book Drive for Sammy We accept any NEW books for donation. They can be shipped to our mail box. Forever Got Your Six : Sammy 1300 S Watson Rd A114 PMB338 Buckeye, AZ 85326 If you would prefer, here is our link to our PayPal. Please just notate Book Drive, so the fund get used for books. PayPal Link
Day 1 - I Wish You More Day 2 - Life Does't Frighten Me Day 3 - Now
Day 4 - The Heart and the Bottle Day 5 - One Day 6 - The Black Book of Colors Day 7 - Press Here Day 8 - Hello Lighthouse Day 9 - A Stone Sat Still Day 10 - Jabari Jumps Day 11 - I Am Enough Day 12 - The Book with No Pictures Day 13 - Never Let A Unicorn Scribble Day 14 - Strictly No Elephants Day 15 - The Big Umbrella Day 16 - The Invisible String - For Sammy Day 17 - Last Stop on Market Street Day 18 - The Invisible Boy Day 19 - The Name Jar

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