Thursday, December 1, 2016


Today we had the honor of meeting Superman. And Superman had the honor of meeting Super Sammy! It was pretty fantastic. Okay, it was actually Officer Cole who runs Heroes & Cops for Childhood Cancer. We were very honored for him to take the time and schedule a stop to visit Sammy along his cross country road trip. This humble man spends his time off from his full-time job, as a police officer, visiting heroes like our Sammy. Just to brighten their day, give them smiles and help raise awareness about childhood cancer, all on his own dime. He stands firm that kids like Sammy are the real heroes, and I agree. But people like him are a rare breed and he is certainly a hero in our eyes. We were so blessed by his visit, even though Sammy was having a rough and sleepy day. He was not very responsive during the visit, but he was aware of it. Later on in the day, I told him about the visit, and Sammy lit up as soon as I mentioned our special visitor earlier in the day. So he was very aware of Superman being here, and was very excited about it. He was grinning ear to ear as I recapped our day with our special hero visit. So thank you, Superman, for taking a moment of your day to spend with our family and honor our little hero. We hope to see you again when Super Sammy is feeling much better!

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