Thursday, December 29, 2016


Over the last month God has pulled on my heart to give. Give in a time, when I fret about how we will cover our expenses in the long term. How we will make our ends meet over the next year or more as we travel this adventure with Sammy. But each time I have listened. And each time we have been abundantly blessed back.

The week before Christmas, a fellow mommy in a group I am in on facebook was hit with a significant hardship. Many of the fellow mommies gathered together to raise some funds for her to cover this unexpected hardship. When it came time to forward the money, it was not realized it would take some time for the money to actually transfer. As soon as I saw this, I stepped in. I covered the raised funds and filled the gap to meet the goal. I got a money order and I overnighted the funds to her. I actually offered and spoke up without even thinking. I just felt the tug and was responding before I even knew what I was doing. I just knew it was what God was calling me to do.

The next day I got a call while I was out from my mom, saying that I needed to get back to the hospital. We had a surprise and we were needed. When Charles, Logan and I arrived in the hospital lobby we were greeted by a group there to see us. We were presented with a money tree, filled with donations for our family. Enough to cover 2 months of daycare expenses for Logan. It was truly a speechless moment for me. Another friend of ours had planted the seed about blessing our family, and this was the outcome. All I could think was how God had provided for our family. That he honored our willingness to give, despite being in our own difficult season.

God is certainly good. I know he will see us through Sammy's adventure and will continue to provide in every way needed, one way or another. I just have to have faith, hope and trust that he will see us through this stormy season of our lives.

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  1. Giving opens doors for receiving for sure. You are a very strong person. Please always keep faith in God. I hope everything gets better soon.