Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Polar Express

One family adventure, we are all very sad to miss out on this year is our visit to the North Pole on the Polar Express. This is an adventure we did last year with both boys and had planned on going up this week actually to take a ride again this year. Anyone that has spent time with Sammy, knows how much he loves trains. Last year's trip to the Polar Express train was a magical experience for Sammy. He loved every minute of the adventure. And spent all year ringing his bell, so excited for Christmas to come around again. The experience is one to never forget. Just like in the book, they come punch your ticket, they server hot cocoa and cookies, we visited the North Pole and had Santa board the train to give each person a silver bell. A true magical Christmas experience.

After the train, you have the opportunity to get pictures with Santa on a train. Logan was completely wiped out from our adventure, so missed actually seeing Santa. But it made for a very magical moment that we were able to capture and keep forever.

It was such an enchanting experience, one we hope to do year after year with our kids. This year that is just not in the cards, along with many of our other Christmas traditions. But yesterday, Sammy got a huge Christmas blessing of his own. The Polar Express came to him. While no train and no cookies. He did have the magical adventure of the Polar Express read to him, just like they did on the train for us last year. And he was given his first Christmas gift, Santa's sleigh bell. Definitely a very special surprise. And still very a very magical one at that!

We might not get to do all our traditions this Christmas, but both our boys will certainly be blessed by the spirit of Christmas. Hopefully, next Christmas we will be able to take the train to the North Pole once again. 

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