Monday, November 7, 2016


UPDATE 1800 : Sammy is out just recovering. Still out of it. Surgery went well. No complications.
PRAY for smooth recovery. PRAY for a peaceful and calm night for Sammy. PRAY for his healing. PRAY he is comforted. ------
UPDATE 1535 : Sammy just went down to surgery. They will NOT be doing the Lumbar Puncture today. That will be done soon with a couple other procedures.
PRAY that Sammy stays calm. That he feels protected and safe. That he has no anxiety going into this procedure. PRAY for the surgeons and the nurses that are surrounding Sammy. That they are calm, focused and have steady hands. PRAY for the anesthesiologist as he prepares Sammy for the surgery. PRAY for a spirit of calm and peace for us as we wait.
Sammy has another big day today. Please keep him in your prayers as he navigates through another long day. I will update as we progress through the day.
Earlier this morning he had another CT scan, which will be used for the surgery he is having later today. Thankfully he did really well and stayed calm, with the help of a low dose of morphine. The scan was quick and over in 3 verses of "5 little monkeys swinging from the tree". He is now back in the room resting for the rest of his big day ahead.
At approximately 1400 MST, Sammy will be going into surgery. Today he will be having several things done during the procedure, and it is expected to take about 2 hours.
1. Removal of the staples/stitches from his neck and head from the surgery 2 weeks ago.
2. Drain removal. Sammy has a drain in place that regulates the pressures of fluid in his head and around his brain. They are removing this drain and will be closing that area up.
3. Placing a Shunt. Since they are removing the drain they have to make sure Sammy can handle the pressure of fluid in his brain and that his body is absorbing it. Because they have been unsuccessful in weaning him off the drain they feel his body can not self regulate. They will need to place something that will regulate this for him. The shunt will do this for him. 4. Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap) to gather a sample of spinal fluid. This is the last piece needed in diagnosing Sammy and assessing his risk level with his medulloblastoma diagnosis. They are checking to see if any cancer cells are in his fluid.
PRAY that Sammy gets rest before heading into the procedure today. PRAY he keeps calm, no anxiety about the events of today. PRAY for clear minds and steady hands for all those that touch Sammy today. PRAY that Sammy is comforted and knows he is not alone during his procedure, that he feels safe and protected. PRAY for our worries and anxieties about the procedure today. PRAY that the right decisions are made. PRAY that if there is any chance he does not need a shunt, that it is known and he is spared from it. PRAY we keep a spirit of calm and peace throughout today.

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