Saturday, February 1, 2020

Little Hearts of February

Welcome to February. Not the heart you were expecting I am sure. But the hearts I will be sharing this month.

I know you were expecting little red hearts to greet February. As little hearts are everywhere. Little red hearts. Those little red hearts are reminders for me of what February truly represents.

February is for Congenial Heart Defects (CHD) awareness. It is month to honor and celebrate the families and children who are impacted by CHD. It is a month to educate those in our community about the true nature of CHD and the reality of CHD. Because CHD is not rare. It effects 1 in every 100 children born. That number is massive, and real.

This February, I hope to highlight numerous CHD children and their families. To share their stories about the reality of CHD and how it impacted their lives. I hope to help advocate and educate others about the truths of CHD. I hope to learn more myself, as I share their stories and facts throughout this month. I hope you will join me as we talk about the all the tiny hearts this month and share their favorite books too.

I apologize for kicking off one day late. I have been sick, and finally able to focus on a computer screen without headaches. I will also be catching up on book days missed in January over the coming weeks over on Go Gold Book Drive.

Thank you Blanket Hugs Foundation for this beautiful heart illustration to share.

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