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366 Books Day 33 - Zip-Line - For Allyson

Meet Allyson. Allyson was born with radial dysplasia and no thumbs. Children, like Allyson, born with radial dysplasia, or more commonly also called radial club hand, are born missing or with a short radial bone (one of the two forearm bones). This condition causes the hand and wrist to turn inward toward the thumb side of the forearm, and ultimately makes the child's forearms shorter as well.
At age 3 months old Allyson started traveling to the children's hospital in Boston to meet with her team of doctors. At a year old, Allyson endured her first surgery and had her left hand operated on to help straighten it out. When she was 2 years old, she had another surgery this time for her right hand. Unfortunately, during this second hand surgery the doctors discovered that Allyson had a congenital heart defect (CHD). They found a very large whole in her heart.
This defect was life threatening for Allyson. It was explained by the doctors at that time, if Allyson did not have a repair done to the defect in her heart, then she would be dead by the age of 5. So on December 28, 2014, Allyson had open heart surgery to repair the hole in her heart. Despite only being only a preschooler, Allyson was a rock-star and did awesome through everything. Truth is Allyson is still a rock-star!
Allyson is currently a healthy and happy 8 year old child. Allyson goes in for regular check-ups to continue to monitor her heart. She has spent a lot of time in Physical Therapy (PT), but now only receives Occupational Therapy (OT) in school. Everything in life will always be a little more challenging for Allyson, due to her arms being shorter than her peers, having no thumbs and because of the way her hands grow. But Allyson does not let her diagnosis hold her down. Allyson is always so happy, as her smile just beams. She is an independent young lady, who loves to be active and just as involved as her peers. Allyson especially loves dance, and has been a dancer since the age of 3. This past year she began cheer!

Thank you to Allyson's family for allowing us to share her story. 

Zip-Line by David Humpherys

Zip-Line is the perfect story for a child who have endured open heart surgery. This book whimsically answers the question of "how she got that scar on her chest?"  Zip-Line is written in a social story type format. It helps for a child to see that she is just like any other child. Able to the same activities and enjoy just being a child. It gives confidence to a child who has experienced open heart surgery. This book would be a wonderful addition to any library to help teach diversity and acceptance. As well as a wonderful way to help a child understand how to share about their own scar. 

"If you peek at my middle, in the center of my chest
you'll notice something different, it's not like all the rest."

Get the inside look at the story Zip-Line   

Age : 2 - 6
Grade : P - 2

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