Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018 : Bella

Meet Bella, Sammy's dog. She officially joined our family just under two weeks ago. Back in January, Sammy began saying he wanted a dog. We took regular visits to various pet stores (shelters were too overwhelming for him) to visit with puppies. He kept asking. So we started the process of finding a new dog for Sammy. Enter Bella. We knew Sammy wouldn't get much time with Bella, but we were hoping he would get some. Sadly, that is just not how things worked out for our family
. Sammy did spent several visits with Bella before he died though. And was very excited about his Bella. Picture is of a visit with her mid March. Bella's trainer even brought her to Sammy's celebration of life service. When we started this, we decide we would continue the process of homing Bella, even if Sammy wasn't with us. So here she is and she is home. Bella is a wonderful addition to our family. And Logan absolutely loves having Bella, as seen in picture of them sharing a blanket. We are hoping she will be a great support for Logan, as we sort through the things impacting his life. 

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