You as Sammy's warriors are key to getting us from one day to the next. We need constant support along this long journey, and we have been very blessed so far in his journey. I am constantly getting messages asking "How can I help? Do you need anything?" It always catches me off-guard, as we are not a family to usual ask for help, and certainly be a burden on others. So my response is usually, we are good right now. I really took some time to think of areas that our family needs support. These are the areas where I feel that we have the most need and areas in which anyone can help give us much needed support.


Gift cards are very helpful. We have no idea what the journey ahead will look like, but we know that meals are a difficult part of our day. We also spend a LOT ($100+) in gas every week with our therapy sessions, clinic visits and school drop offs and pick ups.
Restaurant, Grocery Store and Gas Station gift cards are very needed.


We will update this need soon.


One area that I could use help in is setting up fundraisers, to help ease the financial burden on our family over the time of Sammy's care and treatments. With my focus being caring for Sammy, it is hard for me to focus on getting out in our community to raise awareness and help raise money to cover our additional costs associated with Sammy's cancer battle. We would be grateful for anyone who is willing to help put together fundraisers for our family, whether on a small scale or on a large scale. Or even if you have ideas, please share them with us.


The easiest way to support our family is to just share Sammy's story. Helping to grow amount of support our family has during this fight. We want our sweet boy covered in prayer always, and we want his story shared. We want him to have numerous warriors ready to fight for him and with him, always. We want to also bring awareness about childhood cancer. We want you to get involved in organizations that raise awareness for childhood cancer, and would be in awe if you did it in honor of Sammy. Share his story, while standing along side others there for the same reasons. Reality is that no one is safe from cancer, it impacts everyone. We never in a million years thought this would be the adventure our son would be on in his life, it was not even a possibility in our minds. But here we are, standing strong and being warriors for our son. Be a warrior for him, too.


  1. Words are so inadequate for you and your family and I am honestly speechless at the trials you are facing. My heart physically hurts for you and I would like to offer for you something that helped me in a great time of loss, which was not just offers to pray (which I will do) but a prayer right now: May the Lord Almighty, the One who has overcome, provider of peace grant you comfort and perfect love in this horrific trial. I beg that He would give wisdom to your son's doctors and to you as He guides you hourly and daily. I beg Him for complete healing for your little Sammy and for effective pain management as He heals. I ask our amazing and holy God that He would carry you in the comfort of His wings close to His heart, closer than He has ever been before. Amen.

    I would like to send food to you at the Ronald McDonald House and I'm sure there are others who would like to as well. Is the address 501 E Roanoke Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004?

    1. The address for the RMH we are staying at is :: 1980 E Cambridge Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85006

      Thank you so much for your support for our family!