When this all first began, I spoke with my brother about praying for Sammy. In that conversation, one thing he asked of me really struck me hard. He asked me to tell him exactly how to pray in each moment during Sammy's surgery. To update him as often as I could, so that he knew exactly how to pray during the longest 10 hours of our lives. I had never really considered that about prayer before, but my brother was spot on in requesting I be specific in our prayer needs. I have been told by many since that they appreciate the direction in how to pray, as it helps them stay focus in prayer for Sammy. In this journey, I will update this page with our specific prayers needs, whether something we are struggling on that week, day, hour or minute. I will post what we need prayer for most in our lives. Please check here regularly to know how to best pray for our family.

9.2.17 @ 2230MST :: PRAY for our family, as we face a road no family should ever have to face. PRAY for miraculous healing of Sammy's body. PRAY for wisdom, as we make some very difficult decisions in the days and weeks ahead. PRAY for time, that we get time to cherish our family together. PRAY for comfort, as we struggle in the challenges that are ahead. PRAY for peace of our hearts, mind and body. PRAY for Sammy. PRAY for Logan. PRAY for calm of our heart, mind and body. PRAY for guidance. PRAY for us! PRAY FOR US!

4.20.17 @ 2015MST :: 
PRAY for Sammy over these next several days as we have some very tough and challenging days ahead. PRAY that his catheter stays in place and we do not have to place it again. PRAY that the chemo is effective in killing any remaining cancer cells that are lingering. PRAY that Sammy is protected from all the side effects of the chemotherapy. PRAY he is protected from remembering any of this trauma he will endure and has endured. PRAY for all of us to have comfort and peace over the week ahead. PRAY that we are refreshed each new day and feel energized. PRAISE that we are here in the final part of his cancer treatment. PRAISE that Sammy continues to recover from posterior fossa syndrome. PRAISE that we have continued to be blessed as needs arise.

2.11.17 @ 1020MST :: PRAY for Sammy's continued recovery from posterior fossa syndrome. PRAY for continued healing of his brain and for protection from cancer cell growth. PRAY for his kidney function, that they heal and begin to function at normal range again. PRAY his blood counts continue to rise, so to delay the beginning of this 4th round as little as possible. PRAY for continued protection over his little body throughout this treatment process. PRAISE that his hearing has continued to be protected. PRAISE that we are hearing his voice. PRAISE that Sammy is gaining abilities again. PRAY for Logan in this journey and that he is protected from the stress and struggles on our family. PRAY for Logan's sleep, as he is having a hard time sleeping. PRAY for Charles and I, and our marriage. That we are able to continue to carve out time for each other and support each other in the best ways possible. PRAY that we can keep open lines of communication, and that we give each other grace where needed. PRAISE that we were able to spend some much needed time together while family was in town during the last half of January. PRAISE for the support of family and friends stepping in and helping to grant us the gift of time to spend together. 

2.7.17 @ 1355MST :: PRAISE Sammy's hearing test came back "no change". His hearing has continued to stay well in normal range and appears to be unaffected so far!

2.7.17 @ 1245MST :: PRAY for Sammy as he is currently under anesthesia for his BAER hearing test. PRAY that all results come back with no change to his hearing. PRAY that God continues  to protect Sammy's hearing from the effects of the chemotherapy drugs. PRAY Sammy wakes easy from anesthesia. PRAY that he feels God's comfort and protection during this procedure.

2.5.17 @ 1133MST :: PRAY for Sammy as he is throwing up again. PRAY this is just nausea based off the chemotherapy and his body fighting. PRAY this is NOT illness hitting him. PRAY that his cell count recovers, as it is still not high enough for them to begin the next round of chemo on the 8th. PRAY that his body continues to recover and that his cycle is not delayed from starting. PRAISE that Sammy is sitting more and more on his own, and enjoying playing on the floor with his toys. PRAISE he is continuing to recover from his posterior fossa syndrome.

1.31.17 @ 1630MST :: PRAY for Logan as he is fighting an ear infection. PRAY that tonight he sleeps better with the aide of low dose melatonin. PRAY that the ear infection is the reason for his sleepless night and that he recovers quickly. PRAY for him, as this journey as been rough on him too, and gets lost in the shuffle of Sammy's diagnosis at times. PRAY that we can continue to better support both Logan and Sammy in this journey. 

1.30.17 @ 2300MST :: PRAY for Logan, as he is unable to sleep tonight. Is continuing to be restless. PRAY for him to have calm sleep and that he feels protected and safe in his dreams, as he appears to be having night terrors/ nightmares. PRAY for his health. PRAY that Charles and I feel rested tomorrow despite a restless night. 

1.17.17 @ 0800MST :: PRAISE that despite having a rough day, Sammy had a good birthday. And even enjoyed one bite of cake. PRAY that he feels relief from his never ending nausea. 

1.16.17 @ 0800MST :: PRAY for the safety of family traveling today to visit us. PRAY that Sammy has an "as good as it can be" birthday. PRAY he has moments of feeling good, despite feeling yucky with the start of the this round of chemo. PRAY for our time with family over the next 3 weeks. PRAY that Charles and I are able to spend much needed time together. PRAY for our benefit yard sale, that all logistics fall in place and that the sale is successful. 

1.12.17 @ 1645MST :: PRAY for Sammy as he enters day 2 of this chemo cycle. PRAY he feels little as his body battles big. PRAY we continue to see our happy spirited Sammy through out this cycle. PRAY for Charles and I, that we find ways to support each other and strengthen our marriage throughout this journey. PRAY for Logan as he continues to adjust to this new journey as well.

1.11.17 @ 1645MST :: PRAY for Sammy as he starts his chemo today. PRAY that his body is forgiving to him. PRAY he is spared from the ugly side effects. PRAY he feels strong and healthy, despite his body enduring an unforgiving battle. PRAY for restful nights. PRAY for continued healing and recovery from the Posterior Fossa Syndrome. PRAY that our sweet Sammy continues to shine during this next round. PRAY that he is able to continue to endure therapy and progress forward during the days of treatment. PRAY for protection from sickness over Sammy and our family. PRAISE that God heard our cries and blessed Sammy with beautiful scans and healing. PRAISE that he is making amazing progress in his recovery. PRAISE for the constant blessings that our family has put before us along this journey.

1.10.17 @ 2045MST :: PRAISE Sammy's MRI came back clear! NED (No evidence of disease). We could not be more happy with his results. PRAY as we continue to move forward in Sammy's treatment and that his next scan has the same joyous results in another 3 months.

1.10.17 @ 1715MST :: PRAISE hearing test came back with no concern. His hearing actually tested better than it did a month ago!

1.10.17 @ 1345MST :: PRAY for Sammy as he just went back for his first MRI since he started chemotherapy treatments. He will also have the hearing test done at this time. PRAY he feels safe and comforted while under anesthesia. PRAY for our family as we await the news of both these tests. PRAY for no change on either of these tests, that his MRI is clear and no change in his hearing. PRAY Sammy is calm when he wakes. PRAY for him as we prepare to start his next round of chemotherapy tomorrow. PRAISE that he is constantly hitting new goals and hitting new steps in his recovery from Posterior Fossa Syndrome.  

1.4.17 @ 1445MST :: PRAY for our family. PRAY for Sammy as he has a few days to rest in-between rounds of chemotherapy. PRAY for continued healing of his body and for continued recovery. PRAY for Logan as he is still adjusting to this new normal. PRAY for Charles and I. PRAY for our marriage. PRAY that we draw closer to each other through the difficult months ahead. PRAY that we are able to give each other grace. PRAY that we are able to be the best support possible for each other and for our children in these many months ahead. PRAISE that Sammy is making improvements daily. PRAISE that his stem cell collection went without problems. PRAISE they were able to do such an awesome collection and that his body responded well to the process. PRAISE that we are one more cycle down. 

12.29.16 @ 1145MST :: Sammy is out and back in his room. PRAISE all went well. Lines were placed with no complications. PRAISE he woke with ease from anesthesia. PRAISE he is calm. PRAY as the prepare to do bone marrow stem cell draw SOON. They just ordered blood that will be needed for the draw procedure. So it is happening in the next hour. PRAY Sammy feels nothing and is able to calm and comforted during the draw. It take hours and may take a couple days to collect what is needed out of his blood. PRAY he is calmed by the machines noise and that he rests during this process. PRAY his blood is clean and he does not have to do this again. But PRAY that if his blood is dirty they know, as that would be horrible to transfuse him with infected blood during the transplant. Keep PRAYING. He's has a long day/days ahead.

12.28.16 @ 2030MST :: PRAY for Sammy. He's had a fever today. And another fever right now. They were planning on bone marrow draw tomorrow. But with a fever they will not do it. They have a short window to do it, so this might void doing it this round. And have to wait till next round. PRAY he doesn't have an infection and that his fever breaks quickly, with no more fevers.

12.20.16 @ 0700MST :: PRAY for Sammy as this round of chemo has been hard on him. He has been nauseous and vomiting despite being on medications around the clock. PRAY that the chemo is working, killing every cancer cell in his brain. PRAY for Charles and I as we enter flu and cold season, that we can maintain our health, and keep Sammy from additional sickness. PRAY for me as I am fighting allergies, and trying to fight off cold/sinus infection. PRAYy for Logan to recover quickly from croup. PRAY that he can navigate this winter with minimal illness, which will be difficult with him in a daycare facility. PRAY for rest for each of us, as we are now 2 months into this journey and starting to really feel the impact of this marathon. We are still at the front end of this journey with many mo this ahead. PRAY for strength and that we do not grow weary. PRAY for my mom, and her health as she is here visiting to help support our family. PRAY for Charles and I, for our marriage as we navigate this stressful season in our lives. PRAISE that Sammy is continuing to show signs of recovery from Posterior Fossa syndrome. PRAISE that Sammy was able to leave his room earlier in the week, and able to go see all the Christmas trees around the hospital. It brought him so much joy and it was a blessing to see.

12/29/16 @ 1600MST :: Sammy has started the bone marrow stem cell draw. PRAY that it is uncomplicated and that Sammy sits through it well. PRAY that they are able to collect everything needed, plus. They need enough for one transplant, but prefer to have enough for 2-3 if possible. The more the better. It means we would have back up. Once he has the transplant at the end of chemo treatment, he will never be able to have a bone marrow draw done again as his new stem cells will be considered damaged and not good enough to go through this process again. PRAY that all goes perfect.

12.29.16 @ 1015MST :: PRAY. Sammy just went back to get his 2 PICC lines. Despite still having a couple of fevers last night, they are still moving forward with the draw, or preparing to do the draw. The 24 hours blood cultures came back negative. Meaning they have no growth on them. They prefer to have a 48 hour culture, but we may miss his window if they wait till tomorrow for the results of it. There is a chance they will redo the draw if they feel that this bone marrow collection is compromised due to him having fevers. As they do not want to give him compromised marrow during the bone marrow transplant at the end of his entire chemo treatment. So things are still very much up in the air. PRAY that we only have to do this once. That everything is clear and that his blood is clean. PRAY that they are able to place the lines easy, as they had 2 failed attempts at PICC lines while he was in the PICU back in October. They are doing it with radiology this time, so they will be able to more clearly see where the IV catheters are going and if going in the right place. PRAY that Sammy feels calm, comforted, and protected during yet another procedure. PRAY he wakes well from the anesthesia. PRAY that there are no complications. PRAY that this works and that these lines are being placed for a purpose.

12.13.16 @ 1800MST :: PRAISE Sammy finally fell asleep. PRAY he continues to rest all night and has an easy night. PRAY that he wakes feeling better and ready to take on the first day of his second round of chemo. PRAY that both Charles and I get a good nights rest and feel refreshed going into tomorrow. PRAY for me to have the patience to tackle another hard day ahead and be able to be the rock that Sammy needs me to be in his journey. PRAY for the side affects of the chemo to be minimal. PRAY for that the nausea subsides and he is not uncomfortable with his feeds. PRAY for his treatment to function the way it is necessary to clear his body of every cancer cell.

12.13.12 @ 1700MST :: PRAY for calm, healing and rest for Sammy. He has had a really rough day. Nothing is helping his pain. He has been restless and crying all afternoon. PRAY for a restful night. PRAY that his body is whole, as he is starting his second round of chemo tomorrow.

12.8.16 @ 2100MST :: PRAY for rest for Sammy. He has been very upset and agitated since earlier this afternoon. We are not sure what is the cause of this stress for him. PRAY he is able to have peace and calm. PRAY for relief from whatever pain and discomfort that is affecting him. PRAY that his nausea is to a minimum and he is able to continue to tolerate his feeds through the night. PRAY that both Charles and I are able to have a restful night sleep, as we both are going on many sleepless nights. PRAY for little brother, Logan, as we fear he is now experiencing night terrors in his sleep. PRAISE for Sammy's continuing recovery with his motor skills, earlier today he was purposefully grabbing his "daddy bear" to squeeze it's hand to hear daddy's voice. I had to help squeeze, but we are thankful to keep seeing these baby steps in his recovery. PRAISE that Sammy will be off the pneumonia medications tomorrow as his CT scan came back showing great improvement in his lungs. PRAISE that it is looking like his second round of chemotherapy will be happening on schedule without delays. Looks like he will start his second round next Wednesday (12.14.16). PRAY for his body to continue to recover, as we approach the start of his second round.

12.6.16 @ 2200MST :: PRAISE that Sammy is going pee on his own and no longer requires a catheter. PRAISE that he is gaining motor functions and is beginning to make purposeful movements with his arms and hands. PRAISE that we have been able to get his nausea and vomiting under control. PRAISE that Sammy had some added joy this week with a couple of extra special visitors. One being Officer Damon Cole (Superman) who visited Sammy on his roadtrip across the country. PRAY for Officer Cole's journey and all he does to impact the lives of children like Sammy, and as he impacts the lives of those in the community where he patrols as a police officer. PRAY a blessing for this man as he has a huge heart. PRAY that Sammy's scan tomorrow shows improvement in his lung. PRAY it shows anything that needs to be seen that may be impacting his comfort level. PRAY for Sammy during the scan and is placed under anesthesia once again. PRAY that he feels safe and protected during the scan. PRAY that his body continues to recover from pneumonia. PRAY that he continues to make strides in his mobility and in his communication. PRAY for a restful night. PRAY that his body is healed from whatever trauma is causing him these episodes in his sleep. PRAY for us, that we too are both well rested as we tackle tomorrow. PRAY for continued healing in our son.

12.5.16 @ 2230MST :: PRAY for Sammy to get rest tonight. He is really agitated, and appears to be having night terrors. PRAY that his mind will rest and that he is constantly feeling safe, comforted and protected. PRAY that all his anxieties are washed away. PRAY that his pain is eased, so that his body can relax and not be in a stressful state. PRAY for him mind, that it be clear and free of worry. PRAY for him to have peace as he sleeps tonight.

12.2.16 @ 1700MST :: PRAISE Sammy had a really awesome day, he seemed to feel a lot better than he has in the past few days. The procedure seemed to have really helped. PRAY he continues to improve. He is still needing oxygen support from time to time during today. PRAY we are able to wean him completely from the oxygen. PRAY he has a restful night and he wakes up feeling that much more improved.

12.2.16 @ 0830MST :: PRAISE Sammy is starting to wake, and I am with him in the recovery room. He is not angry and seems very calm for the moment. PRAY he continues to be calm and that he feels better throughout the rest of the day.

12.2.16 @ 0800MST :: PRAISE he is out of procedure and all went well, no issues and found nothing really concerning. They were able to clear out his sinus areas. He is not awake yet from anesthesia. PRAY he wakes easy and is able to be calm. PRAY he feels better now than he did prior to this procedure.

12.2.16 @ 0630MST :: PRAY for Sammy as he is getting ready to head down for a procedure to clear out his sinus area and explore for infection. PRAY for him to be surrounded by peace and calm. PRAY he feels comfort, safe and protected while under anesthesia. PRAY the procedure goes well with no issues, and every goal is met during the procedure. PRAY this procedure helps Sammy continue to heal from the pneumonia.


  1. I asked all my Facebook family to pray for your little one...Prayer is powerful!....

  2. Prayers for you sweet Sammy and your family!!