I want to challenge you to walk along Sammy as a warrior in his battle. You may not be able to fight this battle for him, but you can be a warrior standing along side of him, helping him through each step of his war. This war is not one that he can fight alone, it is not one that our family can fight alone. We need warriors to stand along side our family and help carry us through each day of this battle, to help pick up the sword and the shield when we are too tired to carry it any further. This war, adventure, for Sammy will be long and arduous. His is a battle for his life. I challenge you stand along side our family and be one of Sammy's warriors.

Our family is a police, fire and military family. We have roots in being conquers and rising above any and all challenges. Military, law enforcement and fire all have a symbol to represent challenges. A physical reminder. A coin. A challenge coin. These are awarded for accomplishments, for new achievements, they are given as reminders, they are given to represent a past or future challenge. Some are earned, others are given. This was Charles receiving his Airman's Coin during a graduation ceremony from Air Force basic training early this summer. Each coin has it's own meaning. And each one is special.

My goal. I would love to surround Sammy with challenge coins. Each one a reminder of someone who is a warrior for him. To our LEO, military and fire families, you have constantly been asking what you can send or do for Sammy. Here is my request. Send him a challenge coin. One that has meaning in your life. Maybe one that you were given that has a special meaning to you, that you would like to pass along to Sammy to encourage him in his adventure in life. Or one that represents the base you live on or the department you work for. A reminder that someone is fighting this battle with him as a warrior. In sending the coin, please include a note about the coin. So we can share all these amazing stories to Sammy about his warriors.

We gave Sammy his first coin, the day my spouse graduated from Basic Training with the Air Force. It was a reminder for Sammy of his daddy and why daddy had to be away from him. A challenge to be strong for daddy, as daddy was being strong for him. Over the months that followed, Sammy and I talked about how every time he played with his coin, daddy knew and was thinking about him too. It gave him hope and joy. It gives him joy. He has that coin here with him, and he smiles when we have him hold it. He knows exactly what it is, even though his hands can not quite keep it in his grip. I want to fill Sammy with hope and joy from your family. From families near and far. Please consider sending Sammy a coin as a reminder that someone is fighting for him, someone believes in him and someone has hope he will win this war.

My hope is to have this challenge go both ways. We have designed a challenge coin to honor Sammy's battle. A coin for each of his warriors to be able to hold and have as a reminder of his fight. A reminder to stand as his warrior. A reminder to pray for him. My hope is to show Sammy that he has army of warriors, all fighting this war along side of him. 

To answer the challenge, please send to :: 
Sammy Puma, 1934 E Camelback Rd #120-239, Phoenix, AZ 85016
**Please be sure to carefully enclose the coin, so that it does not get lost in the mail. Fold in paper, double envelope, or tape down are just a few examples of how to ensure it will arrive to Sammy.**

A huge thank you to each warrior who has taken our challenge and has sent Sammy a coin/patch to represent that you are standing with him in his journey against cancer. We have received them from near and far. It is amazing to see how far Sammy's story has reached and how it has impacted so many. 

View Sammy's collection here :: Sammy's Challenge Collection.  His collection is not entirely updated. I am working on a better way to document the additions to his collection as they come in. 

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